Cinnamon Rolls

Yeah, it’s hot outside, but for some reason I wanted cinnamon rolls. I tried to make them a year or so ago, but failed miserably (I still blame the recipe!). But I was determined to try again. And this time, they turned out perfectly.

For these rolls, I used the recipe from “Vegan Brunch.” The recipe is pretty easy to throw together, but with any type of yeast bread, you’re going to need time to allow the dough to rise. Our stomachs were growling by the time these came out of the oven, but it was so, so worth it. The texture reminded me a bit of the Monkey Bread recipe I made around the holidays last year — kind of cake-like despite being a yeast bread.

I don’t have a lot of experience with yeast breads, so I’m not sure if you can make these the night before to bake in the morning. Still, it would worth getting up a little early to make these for yourself or for guests.

I hope you’re all staying cool!