Menu for the Week: Pumpkin Muffins, Chickpea Salad and Sesame Tofu

Hello there! I hope you all are well. I’ve been in kind of a cooking rut the past few weeks, but the cooler temperatures are inspiring me to get back into the kitchen. Thank you for being patient with me.

I don’t have any food pics just yet, but I thought to get started I’d post my menu for this week with the hope that maybe it will help you plan yours. One day, when I win the lottery and don’t have to work, I’ll actually be able to put together full menus and grocery lists like I intended with this blog, but, for now, this will have to do.

Anyway, here are my planned meals for the next week and I plan on taking pics of each to post on here soon:


Pumpkin Bran Muffins — from “Vegan Brunch
Oatmeal and toast w/ pecans and maple syrup
Yogurt w/ Maple Almond Granola — from “Vegan Soul Kitchen


Chickpea salad sandwiches w/ tortilla chips — my own recipe, which I’ll post soon
Split Pea and Apple Soup w/ cheese and crackers — from “The Vegan Slow Cooker


Sesame-Crusted Tofu  w/ Lemongrass-Orange Reduction, served w/ brown rice, edamame and gyoza — from October Vegetarian Times
Chickpea Tomato Soup w/ grilled cheese and pickles — from “Vegan Yum Yum” (She’s back, by the way!!)
Tempeh Helper w/ salad — from “Appetite for Reduction

Vegan Food Happenings

Hey there. Sorry for the lack of posts. Work’s been, um, interesting. Sadly, it’s been zapping any extra energy I’ve had to cook/take pictures/blog. But I thought I’d share a few pictures of some dishes I’ve made the past week or so.

Maple-Almond Granola (from “Vegan Soul Kitchen”)

This recipe is super-easy to make and it makes a ton of granola. But it keeps for a month, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it on your yogurt and berries.

French Lentil Soup (from “Veganomicon”)

My husband started a new job this week (yay!) that has regular hours and he has access to a microwave. I can’t tell you how much this is going to help with our lunch planning. This week, I made this French Lentil Soup recipe, along with cornbread, for our lunches. It’s very filling, very healthy and easy on the budget (much cheaper than buying canned soups).

Also, we received our Vitamix a few days ago and are already in love. We’ve made a few smoothies from the included recipe book, but I’m looking forward to trying it for a vodka sauce recipe tonight. If it turns out well, I’ll have a post up on that this weekend.

I hope you all are well!

Vegan Weekly Roundup

I can’t believe it’s Memorial Day weekend. This year is flying by so quickly. We’ve got plans to grill out with my family tonight (and to play with their new puppy!) and we’re cooking out with our good friends tomorrow night. I’m planning on making potato salad for tonight and a banana-toffee pie for tomorrow. I hope you all are well and that you have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend. To get you started, here are a few items I found interesting and I hope you do too:

My friend and neighbor offers up a homemade granola recipe.

Do you love or hate cilantro? (I love it!)

A mobile herb garden.

Watched this intriguing documentary on Netflix about El Bulli.

Fifty-seven health benefits of going vegan.

Spicy jackfruit salad. (I really need to try jackfruit, and soon.)

A five-step guide to making vegan super salads.