Negimiso Veggie Dog and Wasabi Fries

This Japanese-inspired veggie dog recipe comes from Terry Hope Romero and is featured in the June issue of VegNews magazine. Miso, cabbage, green onions — the flavors sound a bit odd for a hot dog, but they really do work.

For the hot dog itself, I used the Field Roast Frankfurters, which stood up nicely to all the bold flavors. I wasn’t so sure how well miso would work here, but I couldn’t get enough of the miso sauce. It was so good as a condiment for the veggie dog.

For the wasabi fries, I took a shortcut and used Trader Joe’s frozen fries. I coated them with a little bit of oil before baking, and then sprinkled the vinegar and seasoning onto the fries after they came out of the oven. Also, instead of using the aonori seaweed flakes as the recipe suggests, I used dulse flakes that I already had on hand. The fries provided a nice kick to the veggie dogs.

All in all, a nice variation of an old classic that comes together really quickly and would be perfect for a cookout.

Cheeseburger and French Fries

I grew up in a meat-eating household, and when I chose to give up meat, it wasn’t because I hated the flavor. (I won’t get into why I decided to give up meat–I’ll save that for another blog.) That being said, every now and then I get a craving for a good cheeseburger. But having been vegan for a while now, I know that my craving doesn’t mean that I have to resort to meat and dairy to be satisfied.

I don’t like to use fake meat products all that often, but they work well for those junk food cravings. For this particular recipe, if you want to call it that, I used the help of Boca Original Vegan Patties and Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds to take my plain veggie burger up a few notches.

Using a cast iron skillet, I cooked down some finely diced onion in olive oil. I laid the Boca burgers on top of the onions to steam for a few minutes. I then added the Daiya shreds to the top of the burgers and placed a plate on top of the skillet to steam the burgers and allow the cheese to melt.

I served my burgers on warmed buns with pickles, baby spinach, the cooked onions, and some Vegenaise. A side of french fries with ketchup and a pint of my favorite beer made the meal even more authentic.