Vegan Weekly Roundup: Miso, Quinoa and Carrots Soups

Hey there. I apologize for the lack of posts; I’ve had a stubborn cold for the past week and half. I’m usually not this sick, but, man, this fall has been a doozy. As far as cooking, I did make a lasagna over the weekend, but I had no sense of smell, so it wasn’t my best. Anyway, to get back into the swing of things, here’s a roundup of vegan-related items that I think you’ll enjoy (you can tell I had soup on the brain). I hope you all are well, and if you live on the East Coast, I hope you and your families are safe and sound.

How to stretch pizza dough (I need this lesson).

Stir-fried peas and carrots — looks simple and delicious.

I’m determined to make an authentic pot of miso soup this winter (in other words, not out of a packet).

Vegan caramel sauce — just in time for the holidays.

This Mexican Quinoa Soup could definitely be made vegan.

I’m making this Curried Carrot Almond Soup for our lunches next week.

And, finally, a little Grizzly Bear to take you into the weekend:

Broccoli Almond Sweet & Sour Tofu

This dish reminds me a lot of the General Tao’s Tofu I made a while back with the exception of the sauce. The General Tao’s sauce was sweet and spicy, and this is sweet and tangy.

The recipe is taken directly from the Vegan Yum Yum book, and you can also find it on Lauren Ulm’s website by the same name. (That’s why I’m not going to post it on here.) The book has the entire recipe, which includes adding the brown rice and the broccoli.

It’s delicious, and much tastier and healthier than most takeout. Plus, I use the sweet and sour sauce recipe quite a bit for my stir-fry dishes. It’s super-easy to make and you probably have most of the ingredients on-hand (especially if you’ve stocked your pantry).

The key for making this dish quickly is to do your prep work in advance and to take a couple of shortcuts:

First, I get my brown rice going. Second, I press my tofu. I then make the sauce and set it aside. About 10 minutes before the rice is finished cooking, I throw my broccoli pieces on top of the rice and close the lid. The broccoli will be perfectly steamed by the time the rest of the dish is finished. After I finish frying my tofu, I take it out and wipe the pan. I then pour my sauce mixture into the same skillet to thicken. Once it thickens, I toss in my fried tofu pieces, stir to coat, and serve immediately over the steamed broccoli and rice.