Vegan Thanksgiving 4.0: The Menu

thanksgivingI’ve been excited about Thanksgiving for months. I can’t wait to turn on some music, pour myself a drink (or two) and start cooking.

Every year I keep thinking that I’ll change up the menu, but when the time comes, I always go back to traditional dishes. And that’s what I’m doing this year, though I hope to tweak things a bit to make them even better than last year’s dinner.

Here’s what we have planned this year:

Carrot and Apple Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potato Balls
Cumin-Cayenne Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash
Cranberry Relish (a new dish this year)
Shallot Gravy
Celebration Loaf (store-bought)
Rolls (store-bought)
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

I plan to post pictures of our meal this weekend. I hope you all are well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be safe in your travels!

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