Please Stand By: I’m Still Here, Just a Little Busy

please stand byHey there! I hope you all are well! I’ve neglected this blog of late. Things have been a bit crazy. Sadly, my mother in law passed away a few weeks ago, and we had been traveling quite a bit to go see her. My yoga training has been in full swing. I had my last full weekend of training this past weekend and will test out on June 22nd. And, finally, because I wasn’t busy enough, I somehow found the time to find a new job in a completely new field. I started that last week and am trying not to be overwhelmed by all the new things I’m learning — I’m loving it though.

Anyway, the blog has been in the back of my mind. As things are hopefully starting to settle down, I’ll get back to cooking, taking pictures and blogging. Again, I hope everyone is well and I’ll post soon.

4 thoughts on “Please Stand By: I’m Still Here, Just a Little Busy

    • Aw, thank you so much! It’s been a crazy year, for sure. Hopefully things will settle down soon. I’m actually looking forward to a boring rest of the year 🙂

  1. Hope it’s all going well. You might think about creating drafts for posts. Not that I’m really good at it but when I think of a topic, I create a draft. Later, when I’m too busy, it’s sometimes easier to fill out one of those than to write from scratch.

    • Hey Tammy! Things are going well. I definitely need to do something to get back into blogging again regularly. I like your idea of creating drafts. It’s a great way to get started.

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