Review: Trader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry, Green Curry

Okay, here’s my unsolicited Louisville shout out: We have tons of international restaurants spread out across the city. You name it and we probably have it. Although, sadly, we don’t have a lot of vegan restaurant options (I guess I’ll have to open that vegan diner I keep talking about). But as far as Thai food, we have that in abundance and whenever I pay a visit to one of our Thai restaurants, I almost always get the green curry with tofu.

On a visit to Trader Joe’s, I noticed two microwaveable vegan curries in the soup section: Vegetable Green Curry and Vegetable Panang Curry, which I’m also a big fan of. At around $2 each, I thought I’d give them a try.

My husband had the green curry and I had the panang curry, though we sampled each. I made basmati rice to go along with them, which helped to bulk up the meals.

And the verdict? They were actually pretty good. Both were very soupy, even for a curry, but the rice helped to soak up the coconut milk broth. I wouldn’t recommend eating either without a side of rice.

The green curry had a spicy kick and lots of carrots and other veggies. The panang curry was milder and had lots of carrots and sliced baby corn. You get a lot with each container and I could even see splitting one if we made tofu to go with it. So, if you’re looking for a quick and filling lunch or dinner option, I recommend both.

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