Product Review: MimicCreme (Revisited)

I love coffee. Love it. I typically drink it black, but recently thought it might be nice to change it up with a little non-dairy creamer. Long ago, I tried the Silk Creamer and found it a little too sweet for my tastes — and I’m talking about the Original, not the flavored varieties.

On a recent trip to Whole Foods, I walked past MimicCreme cartons on the shelf and decided to grab one to try in my coffee. I tried MimicCreme last year during Thanksgiving, but I used it in savory dishes, such as my green bean casserole. It worked perfectly as a substitute for heavy cream and I plan on using it again this year.

Well, after trying the Original Unsweetened in my morning coffee, I’m hooked. The creamer provides a nice, rich creaminess to my morning cup(s) of coffee without any sweetness. But if you do like a little bit of sweetness with your caffeine fix, there are Hazelnut Biscotti and French Vanilla flavors available.

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