Bagel Sandwich with Homemade Cream Cheese

After coming off a week of not feeling well, I’ve been slowly getting back into the cooking game. Taking a cue from the latest VegNews magazine, which is packed with lots of delicious recipes, I thought I’d try my hand at making homemade cream cheese.

It’s surprisingly easy: Soak your cashews, blend with plain yogurt and a bit of salt. Let it sit at room temperature for a couple of days and then refrigerate. I’ll admit, the sitting at room temperature thing weirded me out a bit, but the end result was a creamy and tangy cream cheese that tastes like the real deal.

I spread a nice helping onto a bagel and topped it with roasted red peppers, red onion and baby Romaine for a quick lunch.

I hope you all are well!

5 Comments on “Bagel Sandwich with Homemade Cream Cheese”

  1. chaletbakery says:

    The last VegNews also sparked my ‘veg cheese’ interest. Glad to know it worked well for you! Now I also want to try it.

  2. Looks great, Amanda! I love the idea of making your own “cream cheese” instead of shelling out 4 bucks for it at the store.

  3. Tammy says:

    I totally forget about vegnews. Thanks for reminding me!

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