Detox Diet

I’m sure you can see, from the lack of food posts, that I haven’t been in the kitchen this week. I seem to have lost my cooking mojo and my diet has suffered because of it. My meals have consisted of lots of frozen foods and meals that haven’t been well planned. And, I’m not afraid to admit, I also gave in to non-vegan foods while at work because someone treated me to lunch (being vegan in the workplace is a whole other topic I’d like to discuss in a future post).

Anyway, long story short, physically I feel like crap.

Now, I don’t believe in those fad detox diets that require nothing but liquids, but I do think it’s a good idea to clean up and re-evaluate your diet on occasion. So, during my next grocery trip, I’m stocking up on lots of fresh fruits and veggies. No fake meats or even tofu. I’m sticking to grains, lentils and beans for my protein. I also want to eliminate white flour this week to see if that makes me feel better. And green tea. Lots of green tea.

Do you have any detox foods that you like to eat when you’re feeling a bit blah?

4 thoughts on “Detox Diet

  1. Green smoothies are my go-to for feeling better. Yesterday, though, a friend brought me a fresh juiced detox combo. Oh, man. It may be good for you to detox, but I’ll tell you, it kicked me in the pants!! I think you are right – it’s much healthier and easier on the bod if you just eat healthfully. The other thing I have done to feel better is eliminate wheat completely. I can’t believe the difference. (Read the book Wheat Belly to find out why.)

    • I’ll definitely check out that book on eliminating wheat. And I do love smoothies. We’re saving up for a Vitamix, so hopefully we can start making them soon. Thank you for stopping by!

      • I would LOVE a Vitamix…but until then I’m making due with a strong KitchenAid that cost about $100. It does the job fairly well – and their customer service is great. I had a seal on the jar go bad and they shipped me a new one asap.

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