New Product: Gardein’s Ultimate Sliders

I have a confession to make: Back in my meat-eating days, I loved White Castle. And every now and then, when I’ve imbibed a little too much, I crave those little burgers. While I usually satisfy my fast-food urges with a Boca Chik’n Pattie and some tater tots, I was excited to see this new product on the VegNews website. I’m not a huge fan of processed fake-meat products, but in moderation they’re good for those junk food cravings. I’ve not tried any of Gardein’s products, but I’m eager to give this one a shot. I couldn’t find them on Gardein’s website, so I’m guessing they’re still not out in stores just yet. But when I do find them, I’ll give you a review. I guess I’ll have to steal some packets of White Castle’s Düsseldorf brown mustard to go with them.

4 thoughts on “New Product: Gardein’s Ultimate Sliders

  1. Gardein’s products are yummy. I haven’t had those, but I’ve had their fake chickn’ strips & they are good and a bit less processed than some other fake meats!

    • I’m very curious, too. There’s also a vegan slider recipe in “Vegan Diner” that I want to try out. It does involve making your own seitan, which I’ve done before, but could still use lots of practice.

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