Blackened Tofu with Summer Vegetables

I’ve been eagerly waiting to receive some okra in our CSA box, and finally received some in our last pickup. I’m a big fan of it, though, previously, I had only had it at restaurants, and mostly in fried form. I thought about trying to use it to make an Indian-inspired okra dish, much like the one that we get at our favorite Indian restaurant, Dakshin. But being on a tight budget, I just didn’t have the money to go out and buy the spices necessary to make it. So, I was perusing the Internet when I came across this very simple Roasted Okra recipe on Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. The okra was so delicious cooked this way, and you just pop them in your mouth like french fries.

My husband and I were craving a simple vegetable plate, so I served the okra with sliced heirloom tomatoes, fresh corn on the cob and a side of Chow Chow relish. For our protein, I made the Blackened Tofu recipe from “Appetite for Reduction.” It was the first time I’ve tried it and it was so wonderful, especially with a little bit of the relish on top of it.

The meal was simple to put together, and it’s a great way to use up your summer vegetables.

8 thoughts on “Blackened Tofu with Summer Vegetables

  1. I am so excited to try this roasted okra. I enjoy okra but my family freaks when it starts showing up in our CSA so this week, I actually gave it away.

  2. I slice fresh okra about 1/2-in. thick and add it to veggie chili about 20 min. before the chili is done. This works just as well with frozen sliced okra. It’s really delicious and it has never been slimy when I’ve cooked it this way. The trick is not to add too much okra. My chili recipe yields around 8 bowls and I usually add 1/2-lb. of okra (though I’ve added 1 lb. and it was fine). The okra just adds a nice little bit of green to the chili.

    Your vegetable plate is so pretty and colorful, Amanda! Just found your blog thru Fat Free Vegan Kitchen and I love your ideas.

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