CSA Week 1

For years, my husband and I have been wanting to participate in a CSA program. This year, we finally took the plunge and went with a more well-known CSA here in Louisville, Grasshoppers Distribution. This past week was our first pickup for the spring/summer growing season. I was really curious as to what we’d find in our produce box because it has been raining like crazy here in Kentucky. Sadly, the first pickup was a little disappointing, but, hey, that’s the chance you take with a CSA. But I really liked that they supplemented our box with a couple of locally made products: Bluegrass Soy Sauce from Bourbon Barrel Foods and fresh-made salsa from Eco Gardens in Scottsville, Kentucky.

In addition to the packaged products, our box included spring greens, strawberries and green garlic, which I’ve never used before. I found a risotto recipe that included green garlic, so I might try that. Either that, or I might put it on a pizza I’m planning on making this week. If you have any ideas for the green garlic, I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have.

I’ve already put the strawberries to good use as you can see below. Today is Derby Day here in Louisville, and while I’m not a fan of horse racing, I still like to use the day as an excuse to celebrate and to be a little decadent. For breakfast this morning, I made chocolate chip pancakes with cinnamon, strawberries and soy whipped cream.

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