Please Stand By

Wow. I kind of suck at this food blog thing right now. Sorry for that. I hate making excuses, but things have been busy lately. My brother got married and I got a new job (yay!!). The new job is going to require some creativity on my part when it comes to putting food on the table, but I think it’ll be a good thing for this blog. I see a lot of make ahead meals and quick dishes in my near-future, which I think will appeal to lots of readers.

Anyway, I do plan on making a pumpkin ziti recipe this evening, and I plan on posting it on here as soon as possible. So, please stand by!!

Update: So that pumpkin baked ziti I was supposed to make? Well, I made it, it was delicious, and we ate it before I had a chance to take pictures. But I promise to make it again soon and post it on here!! For real!

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