New Blog: What Katie Ate

My friend, Neil, sent me the link to this blog the other day and I’m obsessed with it. The pictures are incredible! What Katie Ate is not vegan, but, to be quite honest, most of the food blogs I read aren’t vegan. I believe you can find vegan food inspiration from non-vegan sources as well as vegan sources.

One day, when I actually have money to buy a new camera and actually learn how to use it, I hope to take food pictures that are as beautiful as the ones on What Katie Ate. In the meantime, I’ll just sit at my desk drooling over the pictures and fumbling around with my 8-year-old point-and-shoot camera.

Also, I’ve been coming across numerous, awesome blogs that are based in Sydney, Australia. I think it’s a sign that I must go there, and soon!

2 thoughts on “New Blog: What Katie Ate

  1. I’d be glad to show you how to take good food photos anytime. You don’t need a fancy camera- just good lighting, a few tweaks to camera settings & a small tripod is helpful, but not required.

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